Aircraft Hire

We primarily rent out Cessna (better for the bush than Pipers), namely C182 Skylane and C206 Stationair / Skywagon. If required, we can organize a nice and clean Piper Dakota, i.e. a Pa28 with a 250hp engine and 84gal fuel tanks, as well as a beautiful C208B GrandCaravan. Most of our planes have long range tanks, some have STOL kits – this is a necessity here given the long distances and the limited airports where one can get fuel.

All the aircraft we rent out are privately owned (not worn out flying school aircraft), without maintenance backlogs and up to date with all the manufacturer’s service advisories. Given the generally Hot & High conditions in Southern Africa (even in winter here), with usually ISA+20 to ISA+30 degrees Celsius, every climb (after the initial take off climb out) needs to be a cruise climb.

The insurance covers all licensed and unlicensed, tarred and untarred runways in the whole of Southern African, safe for the Lesotho highlands (for take-offs at airfield elevations of plus 10.000 feet a turbo charger is really needed). We organise your pilot excess insurance for the duration of your hire & fly with the reputable South African insurance brokers. We also provide you with needed accessories (chocks, towing bar, aircraft window and pitot tube covers, gust lock, fuel strainer and dip stick, tie down and earth hooks), basic spare parts (tires, compressor, hydraulic jack, spark plugs, relevant tools etc.), as well extra backup navigation and survival equipment (iPad with moving map, GPS, hand-held Nav Com, 406MHz PLB, satellite phone etc.) on your request.

ZS-FIJ - Cessna 182

This aircraft is primarily used for our Flight Safaris and is a dream to fly.

ZS-ERO - Cessna 182

ERO loves to join FIJ on our tours when multiple pilots fly together in these two planes.

ZS-TCZ - Cessna 172

ZS-PWW - Cessna 172

ZS-KXF - Cessna 152

KXF is used for Hour Building